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Richmond Council Planning Permission Planning Drawing and Application


How we can help you to acheive success in your planning application with Richmond Council

We can help you achieve success in your planning application with Richmond  Council
Yes - Plan B Architecture provides Planning Application service in  Richmond Council!

If your property is in Richmond borough and you require planning application services then look no further than

Plan B Architecture. Plan B Architecture has an extensive planning drawing and application experience for all

London Boroughs. We can help you gain planning permission by giving you the Advice, Support and Documentation

you need at each step of the way.

If you plan to make changes to your house by maybe having an extension, loft conversion or any other type space

modification done then we can help you. We provide a full planning package which includes designing the space,

preparing the CAD drawings,preparing and submitting the application to Richmond  council and tracking it till

we get the final outcome.

Call on 0208407247 for Planning Drawings and application service for Richmond  Council.

Our common projects in Richmond

•    Architectural Planning Drawings (Plans)
•    Planning Permission Applications for all Household Projects
•    Planning Permission Applications For Change Of Use
•    Planning Permission Applications For Converting House To Flats
•    Structural Drawings & Floors Plans
•    Retrospective Planning Applications

Why choose Plan B Architecture

Why choose Plan B Architecture

Knowledge of planning system and legislation

 At Plan B Architecture, we have a depth of knowledge of the planning system and legislations which is the first and foremost requirement in preparation of the drawings and plans for planning department of your Richmond  council. Any architect or draughtsman can design and prepare the plans but as a client you should ask yourself if they have the experience and knowledge of the UK planning system and legislations.

A lot of applications fail or get refused every week due to badly produced drawings and plans, which are

prepared by people who do not have any knowledge of the Planning legislations. At Plan B Architecture we specialize in householder planning drawings and have extensive knowledge in how to prepare drawings as per the guidelines laid out by the Planning System.


With Plan B Architecture you Pay less get More...
As compared to other architectural companies our fees are tailored to suit the householders and we never have an open fee system or a percentage based fee system. Since we specialize in householder design and planning, we are aware of the amount of work required for such projects and the scale of the work. There is no point in

having an open fee or a percentage based fee system as these are more suitable for large scale projects with

lot of unpredictable. A lot of architects fees are open ended  which is a big point of worry for the client as

he or she never knows how much he will end up paying overall.

So having a fixed fee at the beginning saves the clients from such anxiety and he or she can peacefully budget for the whole project. Also we are considerably cheaper than conventional Architects as we are aware of the level of details required for the Planning application and charge you only for that .With our experience we

know that planning drawings do not require the same degree of detail as traditional Architectural Drawings. So

you can be rest assured that at Plan B Architecture you will be paying a fraction of the price of traditional

architectural companies.


If you pay peanuts you get monkeys:
 You may come across someone offering the architectural planning drawings service at extremely low rates. These are usually one man army who claim to provide everything at an unbelievable low cost. These people may be good

at producing drawings but are usually ill informed of the latest legislative practices when it comes to

Planning Policies. Quite often these one man band service providers work for cash and do not have any

established companies. We know of numerous clients who have been left high and dry after being hooked by a low price and then left mid way of the application process. In the end these clients ended up paying far more andnot to mention the anxiety and tension they had to go through.

With an established company like ours you can we be well assured that your job will be dealt by a team of professionals who will see it right through the end. We work on fixed price basis and will always make you aware of the possible extra work or costs if we anticipate it. As we deal with so many householder projects we are constantly aware of the ever changing legislations and regulations which we eventually incorporate in our drawings to help you get a successful outcome.

This is our profession and we take it seriously.

At Plan B Architecture: We value our customers!


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Plan B Architecture prices

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London Borough of Richmond Council Planning Department Contact Information

Department     Planning and environment
Telephone       0845 612 2660
Email             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address          London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
                      Development Control
                      Civic Centre
                     44 York Street
                     TW1 3BZ

Plan B Architecture provide approved architectural drawings for local authority and our planning consultants provide advice for houses, homes, loft extensions & architectural  conversions in:   Barnes,Cole Park,East Sheen,Fulwell,,Ham,Hampton,Hampton Hill,Hampton Wick,Kew,Mortlake,North Sheen,Petersham,Richmond,
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